The button into this page was entitled "Praise God" for good reason. It seems that is the best prayer one can offer. Praise. I get the feeling that God wants us to acknowledge him, I believe that's why we have our intellect. Oh, I know we use our intellect to count our change at the grocery store, too, and all the other thinking things we do. But with the same tool we are able to consider the possibility of something greater and give it a name and even decide what its behavior is. Even though I philosophize about these things I realize I don't really know the answers, but I can't help but think that the order of the universe that science reveals to us is all kept together by something mighty intelligent, mighty creative. Our intellect, after some observation and experience, through reason, starts to come to some conclusions about how this force behaves. It's so big and all inclusive that I personally have concluded that its greatest nature is oneness which includes all things that ever did exist or does exist or will exist. So I call it Everything, capital E, nothing excluded. Everything in the most literal sense. In my humility I don't mind calling it God.
In this panel called Adam in the Sistine Chapel, did you ever notice how God is reaching out as far as he can and the cherubs hold on to him in his precarious stretch and how Adam, who represents mankind, nonchalantly just barely lifts his finger to meet God halfway in the reach?

Psalms 51:6 says something that I just love. I noticed it put this way in the New English translation.

"…though thou hast hidden the truth in darkness, through this mystery thou dost teach me wisdom."

He makes us explore to find him, like it doesn’t necessarily come easy. We learn God’s way bit by bit by persistently searching. Through this it becomes engrained in our minds. By living through the steps it becomes a part of us.

Jesus told us that good seed dropped into a patch of weeds won’t have a very good chance to grow. Of course, this represents good thoughts trying to make growth/manifestation headway in a mind full of negativity won’t do very well in becoming a part of that person.

It occurred to me that, also, a bad seed dropped into a hearty patch of favorable plants won’t have a very good chance to develop either.

Boiled down further? A good thought won’t manifest too well in a negative mind. And a bad thought won’t manifest too well in a positive mind.

God Almighty.
Almighty. All means everything.
Mighty. The expression of it. The mechanism working. It's mighty. Someone say amen.
Whether or not we call it God, there is an entity called everything and it's happening. Everything happening. That's the only thing that deserves the title God. That's what I call it. Creation. John 1.
Jesus came to reveal that to a species evolved from apes while they held on to their ape traits. God loves us, said Jesus.
God loves us because we are He happening. Our entire existence, physical, mental, spiritual, is included in everything happening. Our every instant is an element of God.
God loving us is He loving himself. Love loving love.

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Some years ago, upon reading John 1, I asked, “So if God made everything, then what is the devil.
Now, John 1 goes like this in the NIV translation,
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. “
This is pretty adamant about saying God made everything that is, was, and will be, so my question about the devil seems fairly valid. Now, I didn't pose this question to the guy next door, I asked God in prayer. Ask and ye shall receive, and indeed that happened.
First He showed me in scripture. Let me present a few examples. Many of us know the Job story. Basically Satan said let me go test Job and God said OK, do that.
In the King Saul story it says several times, “An evil spirit from God…1Samuel 18:10; 19:9.
Isaiah 54:16 says, “See, it is I who created the blacksmith who fans the coals into flame and forges a weapon fit for its work. And it is I who have created the destroyer to work havoc…”
Even Jesus' prayer said lead me not into temptation. Who's he talking to? God.
Well, there's many such references biblically and multiple more commentaries about those references.
After seeing these over a period of time, I was then led to see the devil in me. Ah, then the lesson comes home and I get to stare it in the face. As it turns out, I'm no saint. I have my sins, all interwoven through my being; some little pettys and some big uglys. They surfaced and were defined. God in me made sure I got a thorough answer to my question and even though it caused a very difficult era of my life, I am thankful for the “for sure” answer, mostly because of the satisfaction that an often-silent God actually gave an answer so clearly. I'm still living the answer. The whole process leaves me feeling like a dry water pot.
With this, then, I realize I should ask the question that's pestered me all my life. What is the truth about Jesus? I've been around and around through the various dogmas of the Christian way, from Catholicism through Fundamentalism to Metaphysics. None settled in as the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
But little by little I received impressions, directed from within, about that one who lived as a man on earth. What a story! What a metaphysical meaning it has. What of it is true I do not know. But, there is something wonderful there.
Knowing how the evil question was answered, I anticipate the answer to my Jesus question. I yearn to know the truth interwoven through my being and knowing it's true by the resulting fruits. As empty and destitute as I'm feeling nowadays and as scary as my life is, I suspect I'm going to get a taste of why they call him savior.

©Thomas Van Horn 2007