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As I lean Christian, I persist in my search for the truth about Jesus. Yet I'm not a big fan of church. These poems speak of my relationship with the indwelling Creator.
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All the atoms.
They are what they are.
They do what they do.

In their relationships
and their combinations
they will react the same,
according to law.

All the atoms,
connected through countless
linked arms,
being the law in action.

All the atoms,
all together,
a mass of one.
The word is

©Thomas Van Horn 2006

Love Years Hence

Grunts in love
the punks
out of necessity
the combat boot generation
fighters to keep
the fighting from going
absolutely haywire
like everyone’s a cop

these two
tight fit
they keep their kids sharp
kicking kids with focus
family as squad
armor of readiness
these two and the kids
of the brotherhood called Grunts

Grunts in love
where do they find the softness
popper and knife streets
where they’re from
spring steel heart mind hands
get them through
they’re rough whiskered
and in love

©Thomas Van Horn 1999
Bunch of Apes

Once a punky monkey
sat calling to passer-bys
Mister you is funky
Until one poked him in the eyes.

Once a girl gorilla
sat in quiet repose
dreaming how she'd feel ya
and picking at her nose.

And once a red orangutan
sat with a glee on his face
and sang and sang and sang and sang
that everything was in its place.

And the prize goes to...?

©Thomas Van Horn 1999

snowflakes gentle down
snug flowers ‘neath blanket white
sweet peace, I stay home

cat pounce house fly dies
stomped beneath her daggered paw
one less fly to swat

hip chick break my heart
all in the method she moves
I will never know

Dinger Cough

Once a punkin headed knuckle knock
Put his dinger in a sock
the ones with checks
saying this is sex
but it’s not
it’s not

And he got the realization that yeah
sex is greater than how
this is rocks off
a dinger cough
but gets hot
it’s hot

Sex has something more to offer
than life as a dinger cougher
There’s that number love
puts sex above
a better lot
a lot

© 1998 Thomas Van Horn