thunk once
Every so often I have a thought, so...

what is it
what it is
is it what
it is what
is what it
it what is

Rambling Around the Truth

It seems to me the only real truth consists of things that have already happened or things that are happening in the present. (The present, by the way, is passing by so fast it hardly exists.) Anything in the future is in the category "will be, but not yet." If it hasn’t happened yet, can it be included in truth? Isn’t any perceived truth about the future merely belief?

There’s a myriad of beliefs about what’s going to happen but probably not one of them is exactly true. It’s only true when it comes true and then that truth contains every element of existence at that instant, that present moment. All things at every instant that ever existed; that would be the truth. Whatever and whenever future moments happen, they will be true, but not until then.

But then, the Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit is there to guide us and part of that guidance is to reveal things yet to come. Are those things "yet to come" the truth already established but not yet happened? Is it merely projection of the present conditions which were made by all the former conditions? Or is there an actual destiny which would mean truth exists even in things that haven’t happened yet?
Perhaps the truth could be summed up in this statement:

Everything is Everything

The truth is everything.
Everything is the truth.
There's one thing.
That's everything.
And it's true.
To the max.

The present is so short
it's almost nonexistant.
But it's always here.

The perfect beauty
of the life in a moment.
Absolutely unique;
the only reality.

Nothing's quite as rich as a bit
of the old finely tuned here and now.

If infinity is the rule
then here and now
is central
to all else