The Earliest Oils 1972ish .
. It was the early mid 70's on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, California, United States of America. Hallelujah.

These are the first of a long line of oil paintings. They were done on canvas textured paper. By the time that pad was used up I was stretching actual canvas.

There in ithe mountains I became a Picasso fan. He's one hard act to follow. .
. A Starship fan.
, .
. Yes.
A long haired man. Out of the military in the early 70's. Hair? Yes. .
. I painted whatever came to mind. No structured study. No outline to maximize my progress. Just painting because I liked to paint. It was a great way to spend a buzz.
An easel, a rectangle of glass pallet, tubes of oils with difficult caps, a nutcracker to open them, beloved brushes in a coffee can, (I once wrote in a poem that, "...a happy brush feels good on your face...") and all the other stuff that goes with the habit, including the stink, although I love the smell of lindseed and turp, all that stuff claimed a corner where ever I lived. .
. Shacklike places or shared houses, I lived in various places. From all of them the beach was right down the street and the hill climbed to the top of the ridge back the other way.
Whatever came to mind. .
This was the beginning of a decade in the mountains, the Sierras at Lake Tahoe. If you've never been there, I suggest you go see it and dip yourself in those sacred waters. It's got to be one of the finest lakes in the world.
Starting in the early 70's, even if I was mostly a two dimensional artist, I would get some inspiration to write, always philosophising or telling a little story. Like my painting each piece was a separate endeavor, never an organized pursuit. Doodles in writing. Writing for the sake of the process. Over the years I ended up with a collection so I later compiled it all into a book. I called it "Just Practicing" since that's what I was doing. It's stuff some mountain hippy would write.

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