Before College 1973-4-5
So then, picture if you will, a young fellow living in the Sierras during the 70's. Oh, I got discouraged and ran back home to Wisconsin briefly, tried college again, studying education to become a teacher. But on campus everything was beer, everything was buzz. I felt like a martian. I drove my VW back to the mountains and placed my feet on the hallowed hills.

Speaking of spiritual, it turns out that, early on, the themes in my art represented my wondering about the God/man relationship. Churchwise, I was raised in the Unity School of Christianity. They are Christian but liberal Christian. They call their method Practical Christianity saying that one's religion, one's Christian beliefs should be put to use in the programing of their mind. Their main tool besides positive thinking was metaphysics. Let me paraphrase Mr. Webster; Metaphysics is the study of the underlying force that determines the manifestation of existance as we see it. Unity's belief is that we can influence how things turn out by how we think, by what we hold in mind, by what we believe. Well, Jesus said just that. Hence the benefit of positive thinking.

So, this stuff was the concrete in my foundation. I found this piece of masonite and painted this upon it. It's about 30"x40" and certainly speaks of the battle of good against evil in one's mind. The good guys, who, by the way, had facial hair just like mine in those days, ward off the onslaught of bad guys. You'll notice that the one, representing the intermost part, does not fight but is in prayerful meditation while the other, the outer, representing the intellect, fights and kills an element of the attacking evil. Also note that while he does that, the other bad guy is about to hack off the head of the meditator, which must represent how dang serious evil can be.

So, you'll see, if indeed you're interested enough to continue reading this discourse, that even though not all my works have some spiritual comentary, it keeps coming up.
I don't really remember the exact moment it happened, something to do with that tablet of canvas textured paper, but one day I bought canvas on a roll and started stretching it on wooden frames. Funny, I remember scrounging wooden slats from thrown away couch frames and matresses (people would leave them along the road and in the forest) but eventually I bought my frames from art supply stores. If any of you were to purchase one of my really old paintings it would be stretched on a frame made of found wood. Cool.

Amoung my early stretched canvas paintings was this one, called Clown with Sword. What's up with these swords? If you cover his lips he's a happy clown but if you cover the tip of his painted on smile, he becomes quite sinister looking. Great conversation piece. But why aren't those candles lit? And what's that clown doing with a sword?

In this painting called The Relationship of Intellect and Spirit, my wondering expresses again. I guess you know which one is spirit (who holds the light?) and which one is intellect.

As the 70's passed I befriended some great people, many of whom are dear in my memory and several are still by friends. Back then we were all long haired either in our appearance and/or our mentality and now, here in 2005, we are all aging regular folks.

I worked various jobs, none career orientated; a garbage man, hanging on to the back of the truck as we tooled through the mountain neighborhoods. Truly cool except for the garbage thing. I worked several positions in the Nevada side casinos, anything from busboy through the slot department, change and key carrier, to barker atop the dollar slots carousel with its mondo tips. Security at a condo complex. All the while I went home and painted my paintings.

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