College Pencil, Pen & Ink Mid 1970's
Now, teachers at schools insist that their students practice their learning exercises. I have catagorized those exercises into four groups: Pencil, ink, chalk, and paint. I see that I wasn't all that great in craft but I was unique in my expressions.

I'm always amazed, when I see a really large or small person, to think of the size of their skeleton inside them.

This picture to the right is in the pencil catagory. Strangely, it resembles Picasso although I don't remember planning that.

Drawing with pencil is a great way to teach your eye to see deeper. To render a scene you are concerned with the relationship of the elements within an object and the objects to each other.
This was the view from one of my many back yards while living in Kings Beach. What a cool town that was in the 70's, laying low at the foot of a hill at the shore of a lake.

I guess privacy fences were popular back there. This little combination of corners was definately a cats' paradise.

Pen and ink. It's one of the mediums I thought I would work with throughout my life. But a year or two after school things changed a bit and my pattern of art play was upset. Then the 80's arrived and I found my self in Kansas City. There will be more on this later but I'll just say now that in the 80's I painted and it was that decade that I spent a lot of time working with film. Mix in my other love of writing and the flipping nesessity to earn a living (don't get me started on that), occasional lady friends, and being a clown, really, a clown; mix in all that life, then in the 90's I had the decade long collage era with these other things continuing........well, the mediums of pencil, pastels, and pen didn't get much of my time and energy.

So, I touched on pen and ink in college but except for a later era when I did some ink work for a publisher and some cartoons, I didn't use pen and ink too much through my life.

"Possessive Man, Frivolous Woman."
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