College Pastels & Oils Middle 70's
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When I say chalk, I mean any of the various sticks of compressed powder; charcoal, pastels, conte, etc. They present a wonderful way to work, somewhere inbetween drawing and painting. There again, I wish now that I would have worked with these mediums more since the mid-seventies when I was in school. The 80's and 90's had their mediums and in retrospect they passed like the wind and now the year's numbers start with a two. How'd that happen so fast? Funny......or not so funny, huh.

Witness a few chalky pieces; don't worry they won't smear.

By the time I started school I had been painting for some years so even though I was an amateur I wasn't a beginner. I had three teachers (one at a time) named Ronna, Carol, and I can't for the life of me remember the name of the other although I do remember she was the teacher at the time Picasso died and she made a point of memorializing him in class. I've mentioned how I loved Picasso more than all the other great artists of history. My favorites are The Afictionado, 1912, and The Acrobat's Family with a Monkey, 1905.

I copied Picasso's Seated Woman, 1927, as a project and let the school have it for their library. I have no picture of it to show you and I doubt if it's still hanging in Sierra Nevada's library. Like so many of the works I did throughout my life, I wonder where it is now.

I also copied Jan Vermeer's, The Milkmaid. This is it to the right. My copies of the masters are easily recognizable but most certainly lack their nuance of stroke and color.

A still life of things I had..
Actually, this is a true story. Explaining to the cat, perhaps, why everything is so groovy. The cat's name is puss. He's the second one. I can tell because he has a tail. The first one didn't. The buck seargent's cat was a bob tail.
I was just about to turn thirty when I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at that ripening old age. The long hair had long since been shortened to the longer but not long hair styles of the times.

At the end of the 70's I got married but it didn't last. The good thing that came from that joining was my one son, named Kehl. He, now in his mid 20's, is fairly artsy and is educating himself.

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