My one son, Kehl. He was the focal point of my last year at Tahoe. The waters weren't all that smooth with his mom but the baby was a wonderful piece of work. Since I was the early riser in the marriage, I aquired the morning baby chores. He would be awake in his crib and apparently waiting for me with a baby boy smile and the normal baby boy surprises. I straped him in his stroller and we'd take off to the store or just tool around the neighborhood.

Well, in those days Tahoe transitioned from peaceful mountain existance into an extension of the cities that were close enough to consider the lake to be the main recreation spot. Without any scientific analysis I think I can conclude that the city people and the mountain people were a bit different. So we decided that the Tahoe era was coming to an end and she sent me out to seek our new home location with an emphasis on Ashland, Oregon, due to her Shakspearean training and interest. Ashland being built around Shakspeare and we figured it would serve me well, too, because of the artsy tourism. One evening I called home from there with a progress report, or lack thereof, just to be told that I should stay gone. That's what I did.

Anyway, the turmoil of losing that marriage sent me tooling around northern California for a year. I didn't do much art that year but I did some writing. If you check out my poetry page you'll find some work from that era. I had lost my son temporarily and that contributed to my suffering that artists are supposed to do.

A stop in that year was brother Mike's place in Bolinas, CA. Right on the ocean. The agate beach and the evidence of hippy culture that lived amongst the windblown junipers. It's like a comunity was camping there, some hippy bliss, and had to leave in such a hurry that they left all their stuff. It had clearly been there since hippydom passed on a decade earlier.

Traveled around California, a lost man temporarily. Stayed with my brother Mike his wife and daughter for a while in Bolinas on the coast

EST, ddi did any of you try that. I didn't reall y like EST. I found God in me" to be a better deal.

After that I stayed with my other brother, William, in Petaluma. a6t the time he lived with a great lady on a country lot. Some good poetry happened there. With Kehl for another era, in Petalumaacademic therapy, end of the 70's

Either a hair comment, boy with long and girl with short, or it could be looked at as a freedom from gender roles, the long haired girl with a skateboard and the short haired boy with a doll. My intent was the hair comment. Either way the old fellow is perplexed by the changes in the social order. The publishing company never used it.
The black and white ink work gained a momentum and my table at home had the ink setup. I had an era of one liner cartoons. This first one with the robot was published in the Academic Therapy publication. Cartoons are a gas. When I retire I want to have another era.
I found myself ducking a dish and I'll bet it wasn't too long before we packed and proceded to our separate cities. She went to Oregon, her home, and I went to KansasCity, my home.
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