Early Collage Late 1980's

Turns out my grandmother's house was starting to slide off the old barn foundation. The place sat on a hill so the downhill side was a ten foot rock wall with a two story cinderblock house extending straight up from there. That foundation was probably made in the 1800's. Maybe it spent a hundred years being the foundation to a barn, perhaps several barns. Anyway, within a couple of years there were signs that the wall's integrity was diminishing. Time to unload. My dad did. I moved. By the way, well into the 2000's the house still stands.

I moved to a nearby neighborhood down near the railroad tracks I played on as a kid, I had a bought with a hospital stay right around that time. I must have been low. Listen to this poem I wrote:


Me: My God My God
Why hast thou forsaken me

God: My son My son
I haven’t

God: Only a season has passed

Me: True Lord, it’s but a door
Change came, infection massed
Home landed on another floor

Me: Doors I’ve known, though
have blown closed the past
October slammed so

God: Large change fast

I'm sure God was talking about spiritual change. That's always been the main buzz beneath the art buzz and the rest of my self buzz.

It's kind of a fun story why I went to the hospital that particular time. In those days I was still a runner; an extension of my track days in high school. But I became a foolish runner, right then, not always, but I didn't hydrate myself well enough during the Kansas City summer, running some miles and even racing my own clock, a lot, and reaching a point where what I was peeing approached mud. Lump in the inner thigh groin. Yikes. Doctor agrees. Must biopsy. Must take out the lump. Lay down and breath this in. Ok, I said. I'd already had some happy shot. I'm going to count backwards from 100...OK?...100, 99.,9t.......no more light. Black. That was the deepest hole my concsiousness has ever had to climb out of. Stop slapping my face, I'm coming. So for a week after that I awaited my sentence. That week I increased in my spiritual wailings. Oh God, let this cup pass from me...

Sitting, waiting too long in this angst, in a tiny closed room with a bed, staring at an anatomical poster, here's the lymph node that's herolding my impending demise. My doom. Doc walks in. Oh, crap!!! He says, do you have a cat? Well, yes, two. Your lymph node was swolen because of a cat's scratch fever. You're going to live. Eat these pills. Drink more water. You could make a brick with your urine. Sir, yes sir.

In the new but not so new house the garage had been remodeled into a recreation room. Perfect studio. Most of the collages I've done were done here. In fact, in a general sense, the collage era began when I moved into the Ewing house and ended when I left for Arkansas. .
A group of boys all in stage of jumping from a pier. Remove the pier and rearrange the players and it becomes a sequence of one jumping off the surface of the water. Collage looked promising. .
Same concept. A flock of pelicans, each bird in some stage of diving into the water. Cut them out, place in order to be one bird in the stages of a dive, add a little sunshine.... .
A Little Known Individual. Made to look like some moonscape that harbors life using undersea rocks, some spheres, some ferns, a couple of pearls for the eyes, a little starshine.... .
The Care and the Keeping 12" x 12"

Collage with the little clown's face painted on with acrylic. Funny how I find these parts that fall together to become a natative. I don't remember where I got the big clown with that face that became perfect expression to be the caring angel. The little clown is a head which I painted, glued on a red nose and the outfit. The star is built as collage.

I find it wonderful how the various colored and patterned forms found in magazines all come together when glued down flat. .
Clown Family with Fruits

about 14" x 18"

The faces are painted on but clown outfits are collage,. Turns out clowns are a good subject matter for collage. There's a lot of patterns in magazines that can be used to make a clown suit.

A snapshot taken at the last supper. Which one's Jesus, which one's Judas?

about 20" x 24"

Well, Judas is pretty easy to guess. Jesus? By the way, the second one from the left is Madonna. No, not Jesus' mom.


Despite His Knightlly Oath of Secrecy, Spark Master Flaunts it at the Theater

about 16"24"

A closeup of SparkMaster flaunting.

Dispite his knightly oath of secrecy, Spark Master flaunts it at the theater

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