1990's Collage Continues
As the 90's progressed, the collage era went into full swing. I remember hot summer days I would work with scraps of magazine paper all over the floor and it would stick to my hot feet until it looked like I was wearing fuzzy house slippers.
You may recognized this piece from my home page. It's called "Affective Intellect is a Meagor Light when Compared to Spirit." I see the human race as some highly evolved apes, so evolved that we are no longer apes but sometimes we still express the apelike qualities that are still buried in our inner works. We are high enough to ponder our exsistance and the creation we live in and that's why this ape is holding the light, we consider and have access to the creation's creator, God, as we call it. But God himself is so much bigger than our grasp of it that comparison is as a candle to a star. Our emotionally based intellect is so meagor compared to the overall "creator's mind" that designed the whole system of existance.
The White bird. There's a white bird in several of my works, paintings and collage, It's that spirit of God that's with us, hanging close by.

This collage seems to define my relationship to women. I'm digging the universe and she's ranting on about what's wrong. Of course, this is but a slice of life, one way of things, and not a statement that would generalize anyone into a stereotype including my own damned self.

"Is It Christ Yet?" Santa asks, a tad weary.
Charge of the Garden. The little fellow out on his branch about mid frame, He's in charge of the garden, and all is well. Son, Kehl, has this piece.
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