And More Collage 1990's
Entertaining the Clowns 36" x 18"

Clowns again. Check the herd of elephants running through a flock of flamingoes.

One of Many Dreams 36" x 18"
A Shore of Creation 30" x 28"

The white bird. Holy Spririt. The one with the light in his hand turns his back on the anguish.

Moses Mentions Marilyn 24" x 12"
Pestering a Couple of Pretty Nice Individuals

3' x 4'

The stars are white acrylic wtih some colors flicked on with a toothbrush. The two closeups are the pesterer and the ones being pestered. I had fun inventing the spaceship. And the aliens, pretty ugly, but nice. And then the sports car driving primate shooting missles. Seems kind of familiar.

The Suit, Caesar, and a Fish

48" x 30"

copyright issues

Combo of Paint and collage, even thaough I'd done that with the sprayed stars etc, This was about half and half. This piece is interesting because of its subject matter. It's called "The Hounding" and portrays a man with a teeth clenched resistance and a worried eye who has a woman on his back hanging on in her lip puckered ecstasy. It can be hard to see so I often tell someone to squint and that helps. This is about 4 foot x 4 foot..

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