90's Oils
. Even though the 1990's were all about working collage, the painter in me kept calling. Perhaps collage was so tedious, so detail involved, that I had to let loose every so often. I suppose these paintings below were loose enough to compensate. .
All the influences on my life up to this point came together to be the person who painted these paintings. Like many times before I was just wanting to make a design, standing alone, non-objective, non-narritive, but in the process I saw some object which suggested a narritve. Some little fellow peeking out from back in. He just showed up and I thought he was so special that I painted him in and let him stay. For no reason I can think of I named this painting Baloo. .
A lot of the squiggles are done with the tip of a stick, scratching through wet paint to get more spontanious motion than I could with a brush. I usually glazed over the resulting lines to get a little 3D in and out effect.
This painting above is 43 x 47 so it's pretty dynamic on the wall,
Some buzzy motion there in the 90's.

Perhaps I'm trying to paint what my mind's eye saw atop a hill in San Francisco, once upon a long time ago..well, the late 60's. One of the trips during my short hitch hike across the country era. Of all the things I've witnessed in my life psychedelia is high on the list of facinations. I think sometimes I try to paint something similar.

In my life good cries are rare enough I could count them on two hands and since they're rare and momentous moments, I remember some of my cries. So, then, well remembered are two times I cried right out loud, both in reaction to the existance of nukes. Nukes bother me. Nukes shouldn't exist. Anyway, I 've commented on the nuke phenomenon a few times like this unfinished painting below.
I call it Prom Bomb and it portrays one of many events that are rudely interupted by a nuke. That's capital R rude. One moment you're living your life and the next moment you're not. Of course that's how all life dies; on, then off, in as many variations as there are lives. Dying in peaceful sleep; victim of disease or a gun. Well, nature can whack the heck out of thousands at a time. But it seems like mankind would be smart enough to limit his ability to kill, you know, for its own sake.

Nukes are too big. Death kind of sucks, so killing is a big negative. Nukes do it big time. Therefore, popping nukes is a maxed out shameful way to behave.

What right do these governments have to kill the people of the land?

This collage, called Considering All the Fingers and Toes, that shows a a lady who's looking over her shoulder and having a contemplative thought. She's emmersed in American flags so I guess we know what she represents. Behind her is a shot from above of Hiroshima, post nuke, and the object of our lady's attention as the realization pops into her head, that this landscape must be littered with body parts. On a lighter note, if burning anialation has any levity, there's Babe, the dog, whose sleeping eyes pop open the instant the world outside gets unusually brighter. The point of interest is, of course, the viewer knows what will happen in just a few seconds.
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