Digital the 2000's
In my life, I've always had a camera; from my brownie as a boy, my poloriod swinger, my instamatic, my 35 mm SLR, and then digital. I like the ability to shoot freely and not worry about the cost of developing film. I've missed a lot of great shots because I didn't have a loaded camera with me. Anyway, there are composistions wherever you look.
I think on all of these I gave it a shot of contrast and brightness boost. I guess touching up the contrast on a photo is like turning up the reverb on your singing voice. The enhancement helps.
One of the greatest things about the digital system besides being able to shoot freely without the worry of wasted film is the ability to alter your shots with an application like Photoshop. The little puppy above was being held to the bossum of his human when this shot was taken. I removed all the human elements and placed the dog on a background of my choice and framed him with a border. In the next photo I separated objects and enhanced them to varying degrees to get an interesting final effect. Below, with this cat I painted in the little bug. These three photos are just a few of all the alterations you can do with Photoshop. Would I be going too far if I said that Photoshop is as great of an invention as oil paints?
Anyway, it must have been around the time I moved from Kansas City to Arkansas that the collage era ended and the digital era began. It wasn't that I wasn't doing arts on the computer, I began that back in the mid 80's. Somewhere along the line, though, I bought a digital camera, a nice Nikon, although a few years later I could get twice the dpi's for half the price. It opened up a whole new process full of editing tools.

A quality of the digital age is the need to buy new equipment on a regular basis just to keep up with the technology.

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