As my digital era went on....2000's
Most frequently viewed page on my site is the one with this flowere, a Rose of Sharon. I spent a quite a while wondering why this particular pic. Upon checking my useage stats I found that the jpeople were finding theis page from search engines, and low and behold many of them served the orient and specifically, (look this up) the searches came from Korea. I found out that the Rose of Sharon is the Korean national flower.
So...this is me generally in my common state of being.

The following pics are some of the self portrait work I did, playing some personality or charactier, unnamed, unknown... For many of these shots, being the era of self portraits it was, I had pushed the envelope of letting my hair grow long with the job so that I would express a more radical vision.

Remember my mention of Louise. She looked for my name on the internet and found me throough my web presence in this very site. It was almost forty years after our split in the 60's when I recieved an email from her; you know, one day I wake up and it hadn't happened and by the time I went to bed that night I had been contacted by her. Soon into the comunication I sent her two of my recent self portraits (the two just below) asking, which one's me? She imediately sent a reply telling me how busy she was and perhaps we can't get together after all. Effective art. Effective acting. You see, I was trying to portray a couple of repulsive characters and she was repulsed. Well, she finally saw my normal face and now we're married.

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