This FlipCombo was beautiful to begin with but as I looked at it there was this fellow looking back out at me. He was so "there" I painted him in.

Same with the pic below. This is a two flips rather than the four flips like most of them are.. I see this rodent king seated in lotus in a cloak. Upon looking at the landscape there's no denying. He's there. I paint him in.

Like I said in the intro to The Studio page on this site, for an artist I haven't practiced drawing much. I did some more drawing a couple of years ago, 2003, and the quality wasn't much better. I know a fellow who has mastered drawing with pencils and if the two of us compared our craft the analogy would read that I'm in the 3rd grade and he has his doctorate.
Digital paint. Also pretty wonderful. You can do about anything.. I gave the clown to my Dad, some advertixement in a magazine add the face andd the outfit, paint the bike, paste in balloons. The puppy was actually from my dog Babe who has a page on this site. that card went to my mom one year.
Again, haleluah to digital. The abouve card, made for my son when he was considering moving to California. This is mostly a collage of clip art.. The card folded in the middle so the top is the front and back of the card and the second picture is the inside.
Have I mentioned how impressed I am with the digital process of arranging color and form. The fear of ducks on the left, contrast and color adjustments of a digital photo. Didn't plan the fear of ducks theme, just being freaky with toy placement in the composition. But the way the shadows fell causing the duck eye to be sinister, the title came after the work was finished.

The one on the right is a montage of unrelated digiphots, as I lovingly call them, done in layers in Photoshop. Sizes were altered and placed just so; the cats fangs were sharpened. Well, there you have it. Great editing tool..

I had a short era of buuilding concrete sculptures by making a chicken wire frame and then laying on concrete by hand pushing it in and smoothing it, forming the shapes, slapping it on and carving it away. I had to work fast. The concrete would at first slide downhill, and I would keep pushing it back up and patting it in and then it would start to stiffen at which time I wanted the concrete to be pretty near where it was supposed to be. The guy on the left is about two feet tall and pretty thick in the wall so one can imagine how heavy it is. The head on the right is eighteen inches. Both these guys live in my backyard.

and that's rough for non profit organizations like Vantasia Horn, So one can snap away and bad pics are disposable. Taht allows for a lot o

Below are Van Horn men of the boomer generation. Young men in the Vietnam era. We all escaped being actual warriors during the times although Jim wore a whole lot a seargent stripes for a while. That's him looking like Ben Franklin. Mike, the oldest of us, looks a bit stern but he's also a gentle man. Well, so is Jim. So is William. So am I.

Brother William and my own self.
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