Ceramics 2008 through 2013

I made some ceramiac sculptures in College but it ended there probably because I no longer had such a convienient kiln around. What with paints and film in the 80's and collage in the 90's ceramics became a fond memory. Then in 2008 I was offered a chance to make a pot and have it fired. Ever since then I've been making pots and sculptures. I'm not a production potter making sets of ceramic ware. Each of my pieces has a lot of individuality like my 2D art. Like a bare canvas I love to start with a lump of clay and pull it up into a totally new expression.
The way it turns out, this is the first pot I made in 40 years. It's 6" x 8" and thick in the walls.
That same day, in answer to the massiveness of the first piece, I tried something a bit more delicate with this coil pot. Five inches max.

How neat to form with clay again.

Glazes can present some surprises. This clown's face turned out silver. I reglazed it with an overall brown just trying to save it. It turned out pretty good, I love the tone, although the curly short hair in combo with the brown face he suddenly aquired an African heritage. He's about ten inches tall, seated.
Anyway, pottery progressed. My pots were each an individual expression. I love taking that blank wad of mud and pulling it up into a piece. So the pots were pretty diverse yet they all were leaning away from symetry.

Organic flows. Non functional on purpose. More sculpture than pot.

Many of my pots are slabs wrapped around a cylinder. I started with beer cans and worked up to two liter bottles.

with those like this one I used smooth clay next to a textured piece and used the same color glaze which reacted differently on the two surfaces.

Often on lthe uneven edges I removed any glaze leaving it nearlly bare ceramic which speaks of bone to me. I like that.

So. Non symetrical. I like that, too. This one, about ten inches tall, is from a series I called Petal Wave.
The highpoint on this pot is 10 1/2 inches. One of my tallest..
Pots are nice. But I also love forming little naratives. scenes of something. Clay is really good for that although I don't strive for too much precision. I like to capture a gesture rather than realism.
Just like in painting, I may have a general idea of what I want to make, but as the piece progresses the medium kind of falls into place and I let it. It's always some combination of intellectual and intuitive influences.
This one is called "A Rare Marroon Kalifwak." It's fun to consider aliens, how one might look, something different. And their names, some other language. Cute little guy. We don't know if he eats humans or not.
If I repeat a theme a few times I guess we'd have to call it a series. So, I must have a dozen moons witnessing some scene. The moon series.
And snakes. It started with a little worm like thing and developed into some more sophisticated expressions.
And vaces with faces. I call them Face Vaces.
This vase cracked in the kiln but to me the crack became part of the art. With the crack going through the deathly face the title came to mind, Crack Face.

I don't name most of my pots but couldn't help it on this one.

Take a slab. Make a pot. Nice way to spend an evening.

With the wet plyable clay I make the shape. Cook that. Then apply some glaze effect. And cook it again. The mud becomes a glass coated stone with a pleasing shape.

If I have some left over clay from a larger piece I make some quick trinkets. I may make little groups of figures. Interestingly, if you rearrange the pieces in their relationship to each other, it changes the narrative of their reactions.

Pressing texures or objects into the clay works nicely. I used leaves. There's so many different shapes. I also pressed in texture using plastic "Woven" sacks for fruits. Many glazes show differently on smooth than textured.

Of course, if I"m making little figurines, being who I've been, then there's certainly going to be a few clowns.

At the time of this writing, the end of 2013, I'm still working with clay or I will be as soon as the weather warms. The studio is in my garage and it's January.

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